At different age, human body reacts on medications in a different way. It does not matter what kind of drug it is (for instance Adipex), a patient’s body may become more or less sensitive to it. Thus, the drug absorption or its effect might be affected for some reason. It depends on each case and body individually.

Speaking of Adipex, this sympathomimetic amine possesses appetite suppression effect and, therefore it is meant for weight loss therapy. But this anti-obesity medication is not recommended for children younger than 16 years.

Adults and children are different by their constitution and biological processes that take place in their bodies. Theoretically, Adipex provides different weight loss effect on people of different age range. While children’s body is still growing, the effect of Adipex is much slower in them than in adults because of slower absorption of the active substance. Hence, Adipex shows faster results in adults.

Many researches were conducted with Adipex diet pills, but there is no information whether microflora of GI tract has any impact on Adipex absorption. What has been proven is that medications (Adipex as well) negatively affect the microflora in a child’s body.

When Adipex binds to the blood proteins (just like any other drug) the effect of this drug decreases. But in children, Adipex active ingredient binds to the blood proteins very slowly, hence Adipex drug effect is much higher than in adults.

It is known that Adipex is transformed in the liver, while the drug is excreted with urine mostly. Now, Adipex drug is excreted 2 or even 3 times slower out of children’s body comparing to adults. The thing is that children’s growing organism still has an undeveloped kidney tract and liver activity.

Other than that, a young body has not completely developed the protective barrier in the nervous system. In this case, the risk a child’s central nervous system would suffer from Adipex intoxication is very high.

Many side effects may occur in the body of a child due to Adipex pills therapy. Therefore, doctors advise to choose some alternative to Adipex weight loss drug for the treatment of obesity in children.

However, if nutritionist prescribed Adipex to your child but you have found this drug too pricey, try online pharmacy. You may order Adipex diet pills online much cheaper than elsewhere. And if you need a competent advice, you can always ask online pharmacist any questions about the drug in any country worldwide.

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