Adipex is the most known trademark of Phentermine drug in the USA. A pharmaceutical company Teva is the owner of Adipex trademark. This company manufactures Adipex capsules and oral tablets that contain 37.5mg of Phentermine appetite suppressant.

The USA is the only developed country, which granted to a dozen of pharmaceutical companies a trade license to sell Phentermine weight loss drug.

Phentermine anti-obesity drug is offered for sale under the generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride by majority of these pharmaceutical companies. Nevertheless, some companies offer for sale Phentermine in the USA under the original trade names.

The FDA approved both Adipex tablets and Adipex capsules. For more than 20 years, Adipex (Phentermine) capsules and tablets have been sold at the US pharmacies. In the USA, Adipex became the most used anti-obesity drug in 2013.

Sales of Adipex by Teva are increased annually due to a competent marketing policy. Thus, it can be concluded that Adipex sales in the US will continue to grow.

In the USA, Adipex diet pills are sold both at usual pharmacies and on online pharmacies. If you want to buy Adipex online, you should have a prescription, which is usually valid during a month.

During this month, you can buy Adipex on an online pharmacy in the USA, which specializes in shipping of prescription and non-prescription medications.

Obese people can cut their costs of obesity drug therapy when buying Adipex online. You also have the possibility to get a discount, which will recoup your expenses of postal services while ordering two or more packages of Adipex diet pills online.

It should be noted that to buy Adipex online without RX is almost impossible. Phentermine (active substance of Adipex) is similar to an amphetamine, so it may be habit-forming. Thus, a proposal to buy Adipex online no RX is fraud.

To sell or to buy Phentermine drug (Adipex) online no prescription in the USA, the UK, NZ, Canada, Australia, and in any worldwide country is legally forbidden. Thus, if you decide to order Adipex online but you do not have a prescription for this appetite suppressant, it is better to use some natural weight loss pills available without prescription.