French Geopolitics in Europe and Africa Case Study

There is a marked difference between the French policies in Europe and Africa. Indeed, the French geopolitics has been quite intriguing for some decades now (Lévy 279). Although both subjects are literally the same, the two topics have elicited great discourse and controversy. As a matter of fact, the aspect of location of Africa and Europe has been the major determining factor that has shaped how France configures its international relations with other nations (Lévy 279).


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France has adamantly resisted the territorial invasion from the eastern bloc due to the fear of being politically overpowered. Besides, it has adequate natural agro-based resources compared to most of its neighbors in Europe. Due to the economic threat posed by powerful economies in Europe, France has largely decided to develop more friendly international relations with Africa because of the strategic location of the latter.

In addition, globalization and independence of former French colonies have made it quite easy for France to forge closer political ties with the potential economies in Africa (Lévy 279).

In any case, France has found it more lucrative to associate with African economic giants than some of its neighboring states in Europe. Moreover, there are several dreams in Europe which cannot be achieved easily in France. This perspective reflects Ratzel’s theory which asserts that territorial borders are very temporary parameters and hence do not hinder cooperation with countries that are considered to be organic and also in a continuous state of growth and development (De Blij, Muller and Hames 89).

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