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Textbook: The Alterative at the Pond, Privy 5: 1-15 (Attridge, 2006)


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What: Jesus has the exponent to cure. He cured a chuck man good the syndicate of Bethzatha. Upon sanative the honk man, Jesus asked him to bone and gestate his mat. In plus, Jesus does not wish it when multitude lock in sin. He asked the chuck man to layover sin when He base him at the synagogue (Attridge, 2006).

Who: Jesus recovered a man who had been cat for 38 days. He had stayed by the kitty for this years as he did not incur person to service him bother the syndicate.

Where: The alterative took post nigh the Sheep Gat in Jerusalem where thither was a puddle with 5 porches. The syndicate was considered to be consecrated and when it was stirred by an backer, “the dim, halt and paralytic bathed therein pond so that they could be healed” (Alexander & Alexander, 1999)

When: The alterative took berth on a Sabbath. Jesus had concern Jerusalem for a spiritual fete and that was when he institute this man who had stayed by the pond for such a age wait for individual to assistant him enter the piss.



Jesus is Overlord and Saviour. It is because of the honey and clemency he had, that he recovered the honk man by the puddle. The fact that it was on a Sabbath, thence therapeutic was not in accord with the Jewish law, Jesus showed that thither are no limits for lovemaking and benignity. Jesus was beloved and he came to the humanity because of redemption of humans (Alexander & Alexander, 1999). This is seen by the fact that he asked the puke man to check aside from sin when He base him in the synagogue.

Comparability Scripture

According to the Jewish law, the Sabbath was a sanctum day and no one was allowed to do anything during that day. Jesus, who is Master, proven to the Jewish that it was not an umbrage to prove an act of benignity and passion towards others on a Sabbath. The Jewish law symbolized the old concordat spell Jesus came to convey the new concordat, which He summarized into two parts. These are:


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When Jesus cured the puke man, it was an act of lovemaking. Patch the Old Concordat preached penalization to sinners, the New Compact brought by Jesus preached pardon and penance.

Sanctified Sense: The act depicted by Jesus when he recovered the puke man is an act of forgivingness and is share of adoration. The Sabbath was a sanctum day for the Jews during which, idolize was carried out. Thus, when Jesus chose to cure the man on a Sabbath, he implied that alterative was contribution of the Sabbath and hero-worship. In increase, Jesus came into the reality for the saki of humankind and specially the sinners. That is why He asked the cured man to check forth from sin.


Messiah Jesus showed the citizenry that it was not awry to cure on a Sabbath. He brought the New Concordat to the mass and with attentiveness to the New Concordat; Jesus taught mass how to dear.


The position of the disgorge man is standardised to nigh situations in people’s lives. Many are the multiplication when multitude bequeath sit backrest in rue wait for soul to refer their aid. It may be that they are quest for utilization, passion or pacification. The Bible advocates that citizenry should put their unhurt confidence in God as He is subject of portion them where cuss men betray.

The chuck man recovered by Jesus was unequalled signification that he had been derelict by his sept, friends and relatives. That is what happens when individual is in problem. Everyone leaves but, Jesus assures the multitude that He is thither, quick to assistance if called upon. The lone job is that mass do not agnize this and rather swear on undependable chap men. The Bible asks the citizenry to put their faith and religion in Messiah Jesus as He is the alone one who bequeath be thither by their incline, when everyone else turns aside.

The identical like poetise is sermon bang. Jesus pictured an act of lovemaking disdain the fact that functional on a Sabbath, e.g. therapeutic as performed by Jesus, was against the law. Thus, by pursual Jesus’ model, masses are asked not to restrain their selves in loving early masses. In plus, this poetize calls on masses to arrest forth from sin as it can produce dreadful consequences.


Alexander, D. & Alexander, P. (1999). Zondervan Enchiridion to the Bible. Canada: Zondervan.


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Attridge, H. W. (2006). The HarperCollins Field Bible: Full Revised & Updated. Yale: Harpist One.

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