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Information technologies and Internet have made our life much easier and faster. Today, people can purchase many different products and items via online stores. Online pharmacies offer prescription and over-the-counter medications at affordable prices.

A huge range of drugs for obesity treatment is available on online pharmacies. The greatest benefit of such drugs is that they are much cheaper (by at least 20%) than drugs sold at ordinary pharmacies. People from many countries of the world, including Australia can save money during their weight loss journey if they buy sliming drugs online.

The reason why online pharmacies became so much popular among different people worldwide is the low prices of medication. But not only this. Actually, people are able to buy medications out of the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. For example, the most popular U.S. anti-obesity drug – Adipex has been available at American pharmacies more than 20 years.

Adipex pills were designed for weight loss and these are based on Phentermine active substance. This is a sympathomimetic amine, and like many other drugs of a kind, it can give you a great appetite suppression effect by stimulating the central nervous system.

It is known that just one Adipex pill can suppress the appetite within the entire day. So, a patient can take one Adipex slimming pill in the morning and forget about hunger till the next morning.

Adipex is one of the most advanced and effective slimming medications so far. However, many people all over the word cannot use this and other weight loss drugs due to medical restrictions. Hence, those people for whom the prescription diet pills are contraindicated should choose safer natural-based anti-obesity drugs.

Alternative slimming pills are based on natural ingredients (herbal) and usually sold without prescription. Still, the number of overweight people, purchasing the prescription weight loss drugs is not decreasing, on contrary it keeps growing. The reason of that is the fact that there are too many overweight and obese people all over the world.

If your GP prescribed you a weight loss drug that is quite expensive at local pharmacies and you want to save some money, you may order cheap Adipex online. These pills can be delivered to any country of the world.

If you live in Australia, it might be difficult to get some anti-obesity pills. However, you will not have to fill out any questionnaire to buy Adipex in Australia. You just need a couple of minutes to order Adipex online from Australia.


Overweight treatment is a problem of modern medicine. Overweight is now observed in a huge number of people, therefore obesity is considered to be a common problem. Overweight is observed due to improper feeding, however, even insignificant change in metabolism or in an organism state may lead to disorders and cause overweight. However more often obesity is caused by overeating and junk food and is supposed to be treated from inside.

Adipex and Phentermine are the most popular, demanded and effective medications for overweight treatment. These medications are widely used in obesity treatment and are characterized by a very strong action. Both Adipex and Phentermine have been approved by FDA to usage and distribution. Practically these two medications are used worldwide and results of use are very positive.

Due to efficiency and safety combination, Adipex and Phentermine have earned a great reputation and annually one million prescriptions are indicated for both medications. Adipex is Phentermine used as a fast drug.

Thousands of people suffer from obesity these days. Many of them are dreaming to change their image and lose all those kilograms, accumulated over the years. Sometimes, to lose weight you need just to stick to healthy eating and systemic physical activity.

In addition to traditional weight loss methods (diets, physical exercises), modern medicine offers various anorexigenic drugs that can become a good supplement to a complex weight loss program.

Adipex Retard is one of the anti-obesity drugs. This medication is included into the pharmaceutical group, called anorectic drugs. Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification of Adipex Retard anorectic drug: A08AA01.

Adipex Retard anti-obesity drug contains active ingredient – Phentermine resinate. International nonproprietary name of this active ingredient – Phentermine. Phentermine belongs to sympathomimetic amines pharmacological group, providing anorexigenic activity. Anorectic effect of Phentermine occurs in 2.5 hours after drug intake and lasts for 8 hours.

Adipex Retard anorectic drug is produced in soft gelatin capsules, ensuring a controlled release of Phentermine active substance. Each capsule contains 75 mg of Phentermine resinate. This equals to 15 mg of Phentermine active substance and 65 mg of excipients.

The excipients are usually the same: hydrogenated soybean oil, soy lecithin, 70% Sorbitol, sodium propylparaben food additive, sodium methylparaben preservative, castor oil, orange yellow food coloring and sorbitol.

In 2.5 hours after the intake of Adipex Retard anorexigenic drug, the capsule components are quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood.

The maximum concentration of Phentermine in the body is reached in the next 4-6 hours. The half-life period of Adipex Retard is 20-25 hours. The drug is excreted mostly by kidneys. Phentermine is metabolized easily and has no active metabolite.

The drug is indicated in such types of obesity, as:

  • alimentary obesity with the body mass index (BMI) 30 and above;
  • alimentary obesity with BMI 27 and above, accompanied with other risk factors, caused by excessive body mass (e.g. violated lipid metabolism or insulin dependent diabetes or type 2 diabetes mellitus).

Routes of administration and doses

Adipex Retard anti-obesity caps are intended for adults and teenagers over 12 years old for obesity treatment. For elderly people and teens under 12 years old, this anorectic drug is contraindicated.

It is recommended to carry out the therapy by means of Adipex Retard anorectic drug under the supervision of a doctor, experienced in obesity treatment. Before the treatment begins, the doctor must exclude secondary organic causes of obesity (endocrine and hypothalamic disorders).

The anti-obesity treatment by means of Adipex Retard drug must be carried out as a complex therapy along with adequate physical loads and low-calorie diets. Do not take Adipex Retard in the evening as this psychostimulant can cause insomnia and nervousness.

A regular dose of the drug is one capsule, taken once daily. Please take only 1 capsule in the morning, not chewing, with a full glass of water. In rare cases, the dose can be increased up to 2 capsules a day.

The duration of treatment by means of Adipex Retard weight loss capsules depends on its effectiveness and the achieved result. A regular treatment course lasts for 4-6 weeks but must not exceed three months.

The following disorders and risk factors are Adipex Retard contraindications:

  • glaucoma
  • hypothyroidism
  • allergy to soy products
  • pheochromocytoma
  • renal insufficiency
  • cerebrovascular disease
  • psychiatric diseases
  • prostate adenoma
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • hypersensitivity to the active substance or one of the excipients

Special precautions for Adipex Retard use

During a long-term use of Adipex Retard, patients may develop pharmacological tolerance to Phentermine active substance.

Rarely, but still possible the cases of negative effect of Adipex Retard on the cardiovascular system. The reason for this effect is a sudden weight loss of a patient during anti-obesity treatment.

Special attention should be pain to the patients, suffering from epilepsy. Adipex Retard contains sorbitol. Therefore, this drug is not recommended for patients, allergic to sugar substitutes.

Phentermine is contraindicated to women in early pregnancy. After the first trimester, in rare cases, women can use Phentermine under the supervision of a skilled doctor and obstetrician-gynecologist only. Phentermine is contraindicated in breastfeeding.

Adipex Retard drug interactions

In a concomitant use of Adipex Retard slimming caps with other psychotropic drugs (Thorazine, Haloperidol) the efficiency of anti-obesity therapy is reduced. In addition, the reduced therapeutic effect of Phentermine is often caused by Tricyclic and tetracyclic antidepressants.

The combination of Adipex Retard and MAO inhibitors (e.g. Parnate, Marplan) may cause hypertensive crisis. Alcohol and caffeine increase the effect of Phentermine on the central nervous system. The concomitant use of Adipex Retard weight loss capsules and inhalational agents, administered into the respiratory tract of a patient (e.g. chloroform, Fluothane) can cause cardiac arrhythmia.

Side effects

Most often, side effects of Adipex Retard anti-obesity caps occur in the beginning of the treatment (the first 4 weeks) and do not cause patients much discomfort.

Side effects from the central nervous system are manifested in the form of psychosis, depression, overexcitation, insomnia, headache and dizziness. Side effects from the cardiovascular system are manifested as tachycardia, precordial pain, arrhythmia and hypertension.

Such Adipex Retard side effects as nausea, diarrhea or constipation are typical gastrointestinal adverse reactions arising during the therapy using this weight loss drug.

It should be noted that increased dose of Phentermine may worsen the side effects. In case of overdose, a patient might have one or several symptoms:

  • seizure
  • sleepiness
  • severe anxiety
  • tremor of extremities and entire body
  • increased segmental reflexes
  • visual and auditory hallucinations
  • rapid shallow breathing (over 20 per minute)

The drug overdose requires a symptomatic treatment as there is no special antidote for it. A detox therapy method in case of Phentermine overdose is a forced diuresis or the use of a sedative drug, as well as gastric lavage.

The expiration date is 5 years. The drug should be stored in the original package at the temperature below 25°C, in a dark and dry place. The packaging: blister containing 30 or 100 capsules.

The anti-obesity treatment requires a serious approach and insistence. The properly chosen method to fight against extra weight depends on age and physical or mental state of the body. Adipex Retard capsules are effective almost for everybody who wants to lose the body weight. Adipex Retard anorexigenic drug makes the treatment process easy and effective.


Adipex-P is one of the popular pharmacological medications for obesity treatment in the USA. For the convenience of patients, Adipex-P is available as tablets or capsules containing 37.5mg of Phentermine.

Adipex diet pills are sold at the USA drugstores by prescription only. In order to get a prescription for Adipex-P, obese patients should be examined by a doctor. Usually, doctors prescribe Adipex-P diet pills to an obese person with body mass index (BMI) greater than, or equal to 30.

Obese patients with BMI of 27 or higher can also be prescribed Adipex-P if available some obesity-related diseases (hyperlipidemia, controlled hypertension, diabetes).

The efficiency of Adipex-P diet pills in fighting obesity is achieved by the influence of Phentermine on the brain. Phentermine affecting the central nervous system (CNS) reduces the feeling of hunger. This promotes the decrease in the amount of food consumed, as well as the decrease of calories that lead to weight loss.

Adipex-P is used as a short-term adjunct to weight loss program. Doctors develop weight loss program and besides Adipex-P it may include a change of lifestyle, observance of diet and physical activity.

Adipex-P diet pills is a powerful anorexigenic agent and has some contraindications:

• High blood pressure in the pulmonary artery;

• Abnormal heart sounds;

• High blood pressure;

• Ischemic events and cerebral hemorrhages;

• Allergy or hypersensitivity to Phentermine;

• Hyperthyroidism;

• Depression or other mental diseases;

• Glaucoma;

• Use of any chemical substance to alter states of body or mind;

• Use of antidepressants or other MAO inhibitors, such as phenelzine (Nardil), isocarboxazid (Marplan), or tranylcypromine (Jatrosom).

If a patient has one of the listed diseases, he should not take Adipex-P or the maximum daily dose of the drug should be changed. Do not change on your own the maximum dose of Adipex-P, this may cause side effects and overdose.

Do not take Adipex-P during pregnancy. The influence of Adipex-P on a fetus has not been studies yet. It is also not recommended to take Adipex-P during breastfeeding, the active substance Phentermine can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby.

Adipex-P diet pills 37.5 mg should be taken one or two times daily depending on your doctor’s advice. Each dose of Adipex-P should be taken before meal or on an empty stomach. Adipex-P should be taken with a full glass of water.

Adipex-P is taken orally, do not chew or crush the pill. Avoid dosing with Adipex-P in the evening due to the possibility of insomnia. Store Adipex-P at a room temperature away from moisture and heat.


There are different weight loss drugs, based on Phentermine, and Adipex is one of them. Unlike usual Phentermine drug, Adipex provides a long-term appetite suppressant effect due to ion-exchange complex, added to the formula.

The effect of Adipex pills lasts over 7 hours and after that time it begins to decrease so people get hungry again. Therefore, overweight patients can use just one Adipex dose a day.

It happens that some patients need to extend the effect of Adipex for longer time. In this case, the doctor may recommend dividing the same Adipex dose into halves and take them both in the first half of the day. Otherwise, if Adipex is taken later, a patient may suffer from insomnia.

It is recommended to take the first Adipex dose early in the morning before breakfast and another one –two hours after breakfast. However, there are no strict limits of time for Adipex intake, just make sure the last dose is taken at least 8 hours before your night sleep.

It should be noted that Adipex 40mg is the maximum allowable dose. This dosage is prescribed by a doctor only. The largest dose of Adipex causes side effect more often than the smaller doses. Therefore, if there are any, patient should inform his doctor about these side effects and start their treatment according the doctor’s recommendations.

It is known that some medications may interact with Adipex (Phentermine). If Adipex pills are combined with some other drugs, an overdose may arise.

Thus, regardless of type of obesity, people should read information on Adipex drug interactions to avoid severe side effects. However, Adipex side effects may occur even if a person uses the smallest dose of this drug. It means that a patient is allergic to the active ingredient Phentermine or to inactive ingredients of Adipex.

During the entire treatment course with Adipex pills, patients should visit a doctor to see any changes. If a patient is diagnosed allergy to the active or inactive ingredients of Adipex weight loss drug, he should immediately stop using it and ask a doctor to prescribe him an alternative anti-obesity medication.


One of the main risk factors for ovarian hyperandrogenism is an android type of obesity. Approximately, every third women with overweight or obesity suffers from infertility. Herewith, more than one third of women are diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In women with normal weight, the frequency of infertility is two times less than in obese women.

Studies have shown that weight loss by 10-15% is often sufficient to restore menstrual cycle. In most cases, along with a low-calorie diet and physical exercises, obese women are prescribed with anorexigenic drug Adipex.

Adipex weight loss drug is intended for a short-term use. Regular use of Adipex diet pills within 12 weeks helps to lose 5-15% of initial body weight. Due to the fact that Adipex suppresses appetite, women find it easier to adhere to a balanced diet.

Clinical observations have shown that women with anovulatory cycles and hirsutism weigh by 13.6 kg more than women without menstrual disorders. Herewith, anti-obesity therapy with Adipex helps to reduce weight and to restore female reproductive function.

Due to the weight loss by means of Adipex slimming pills, menstrual function is restored in 80% of women without prescribing any other therapy. Moreover, as a result of weight loss after the discontinuation of Adipex pills, pregnancy occurs in 29% of women without ovarian stimulation.

Simultaneously with the reduction of adipose tissue as a result of using Adipex slimming pills, estrogen production decreases and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) level is restored in women with PCOS. Weight loss with Adipex is accompanied with a decrease in the risk of hyperplastic processes and endometrial cancer in women with PCOS.

Weight loss due to Adipex pills positively affects female reproductive function. In women of reproductive age, weight loss with Adipex helps not only to restore the menstrual cycle, but also to reduce the risk of:

• oligomenorrhea and (or) amenorrhea

• dysfunctional uterine bleeding,

• endometrial cancer

• complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Due to anti-obesity therapy with Adipex, the risk of spontaneous abortion also decreases. Maintenance of weight at the level achieved during the use of Adipex pills helps a woman to plan pregnancy at any time.

It should be noted that the use of Adipex weight loss drug is contraindicated during pregnancy. Thus, women of reproductive age should use reliable contraception methods, including birth control pills during Adipex use. After the woman achieves the optimal weight and stops using Adipex pills, she can also stop using birth control pills and start to plan pregnancy.

Apart from improvement of reproductive function by means of Adipex, the amount of adipose tissue decreases that increases tissue sensitivity to insulin. Weight loss with Adipex helps to improve the insulin resistance and to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes in overweight women.

Another beneficial manifestation of weight loss with Adipex is the improvement of lipid profile. Weight loss with Adipex improves the synthesis of low-density lipoprotein receptors, increases the activity of lipoprotein lipase. Improvement of lipid profile is characterized by a decrease in total cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density lipoproteins and increase in high-density lipoproteins.

Along with the improvement of lipid profile, the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease is reduced in women. Thus, anti-obesity therapy with Adipex helps to reduce adipose tissue in the body that has a positive effect on the female reproductive system and promotes:

• restoration of ovulation,

• pregnancy occurrence,

• decrease in the risk of complications during pregnancy,

• the birth of a healthy baby.


To cure obesity, it is necessary first to determine the causes of the disease and only then to use drugs for the obesity treatment. Adipex slimming tablets are intended only for patients with diagnosed obesity.

Adipex pills help to reduce weight in patients of different ages, with various degree of obesity and different adipose tissue distribution. Adipex is an anorexigenic drug equally effective for male and female patients.

Body fat distribution may depend on the patient’s sex. Women have a tendency to accumulate fat in the hips, men – in the abdomen. This is related to the fact that genes differently regulate the activity of fat cells in the body of woman and man.Adipex slimming tablets and visceral obesity

In visceral obesity, excess fat around the internal organs is formed and accumulated. As a rule, visceral obesity poses a greater threat to human health than subcutaneous obesity.

In visceral obesity, the risk of diseases such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes significantly increases. Therefore, in the first signs of visceral obesity, a person should undergo a medical examination and start the treatment of this disease.

Adipex slimming tablets are prescribed to patients with body mass index (BMI) of 30 and more. In visceral obesity, BMI can be low; however, this does not mean that the disease should not be treated. If visceral obesity is accompanied with type 2 diabetes or high plasma lipid level, Adipex can be prescribed in BMI of 27.

Visceral obesity is characterized by an increase in waist circumference. Experts have different opinions on the waist circumference measurements. It is believed that average waist circumference for men is 95-100 cm and for women – 80-85 cm.

Adipex is an anorexigenic drug during the use of which the consumption of food containing a lot of fats and simple carbohydrates should be reduced. Decrease in caloric intake, as well as blood lipid level is the best way to treat visceral obesity and to reduce waist circumference.Adipex slimming tablets and subcutaneous obesity

BMI provides an easy way to measure the degree of subcutaneous obesity. By means of BMI, a person can determine what body weight he has – low, normal or excessive. Adipex should be taken by patients with BMI of 30 and do not wait when obesity becomes severe.

Subcutaneous fat is characterized by the formation of adipose tissue in the face, legs, hands, as well as in the abdomen and chest. Subcutaneous obesity is not always accompanied with visceral obesity, but is always accompanied with an increase in body weight.

A large body weight significantly increases the load on the heart and cardiovascular system. Furthermore, the load on the joints of the lower extremities significantly increases in large body weight and this may lead to arthritis.

Adipex slimming tablets help effectively struggle against subcutaneous obesity. During the use of Adipex, appetite and the amount of consumed food are reduced in patients with subcutaneous obesity. If herewith a patient significantly increases physical activity, then the rate of fat burning will increase.

Physical exercises of average and high intensity for 30 minutes and more daily may be recommended for most patients taking Adipex slimming tablets. The exception can be elderly patients and patients with some chronic diseases.

The use of Adipex slimming tablets in any obese patients helps to accelerate metabolism and to increase the rate of weight loss. However, it is very difficult to treat obesity when metabolism is slow. Adipex use helps to accelerate digestion, synthesis and breakdown of fats in the human body.


Adipex and Alli are drugs, prescribed for obesity treatment in patients with BMI over 28. As Adipex, so Alli are recommended to take in combination with low-calorie diet and exercise. Adipex and Alli help to rapidly reduce body weight but the drugs belong to different pharmacological groups. Adipex and Alli are not recommended to be used together.Adipex vs Alli: various mechanism of action

Active substance of Adipex diet pills is Phentermine sympathomimetic amine. Adipex possesses anorexigenic action and affects central nervous system (CNS). Adipex has the main effect on hypothalamus, stimulating its receptors and forcing the brain to send a signal about the feeling of satiety. When taking Adipex, a patient stops feeling hunger and is able to successfully control amount of consumed food. Adipex is supplied in tablets for oral use that should be swallowed entirely.

Alli is a trademark of long-acting inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases Orlistat. In contrast to Adipex, Alli does not affect central nervous system but works in the lumen of the stomach and small intestine. Alli prevents fat splitting and its entry into the body due to this body weight reduces. Fat is excreted from the body with feces. Alli is available in tablets for oral use and in chewable tablets.Adipex vs Alli: recommendations to the use

Adipex is recommended for short-term courses of obesity treatment (3 months). Recommended daily dose of Adipex is 37.5mg. Adipex 37.5mg tablet should be taken in the morning before breakfast or during 2 hours after breakfast. If a patient experiences hypersensitivity to the drug, obesity treatment can be started with a lower dose of Adipex 18.75mg once daily. Thus, Adipex 37.5mg tablet should divided into two parts, Adipex tablet should not be crushed. There is a breakline on each Adipex tablet for easy division.

In contrast to Adipex diet pills, Alli is prescribed for long-term courses of obesity treatment (up to 2 years). Daily dose of Alli drug is 180mg (one Alli 60mg tablet three times daily). Alli 60mg pill should be taken 3 times daily before or during each meal. If a patient has forgotten to take Alli dose before meal, Alli pill should be taken no later than one hour after the meal. If a patient has consumed food only two times during the day or food did not contain fat, one Alli dose may be skipped.

Dosing regimen of chewable tablets Alli differs from the dosing regimen of usual tablets Alli. Obese patients should take one chewable tablet Alli 27mg three times daily. Systemic absorption of chewable tablets Alli 27mg is higher than in usual tablets Alli 60mg, so do not take simultaneously 2 chewable tablets Alli 27mg.

To provide the body with nutrients, a patient should take Alli together with polyvitamins. When using Alli, dietary requirements are stricter than in Adipex use. Patient’s daily diet should contain 30% of fat, i.e. 10% for each meal. In higher fat content, frequency of Alli side effects increases: diarrhea, meteorism. In lower fat content, Alli contributes to the excretion of nutrients from the body.

If you have been prescribed Adipex tablets or Alli tablets but they are expensive at pharmacy networks, you can buy cheap Adipex tablets and Alli tablets on our online pharmacy. You do not have to fill out a medical questionnaire in order to buy Alli and (or) Adipex online. Therefore, you can order a delivery of cheap Alli tablets and Adipex tablets in just a few minutes.


At different age, human body reacts on medications in a different way. It does not matter what kind of drug it is (for instance Adipex), a patient’s body may become more or less sensitive to it. Thus, the drug absorption or its effect might be affected for some reason. It depends on each case and body individually.

Speaking of Adipex, this sympathomimetic amine possesses appetite suppression effect and, therefore it is meant for weight loss therapy. But this anti-obesity medication is not recommended for children younger than 16 years.

Adults and children are different by their constitution and biological processes that take place in their bodies. Theoretically, Adipex provides different weight loss effect on people of different age range. While children’s body is still growing, the effect of Adipex is much slower in them than in adults because of slower absorption of the active substance. Hence, Adipex shows faster results in adults.

Many researches were conducted with Adipex diet pills, but there is no information whether microflora of GI tract has any impact on Adipex absorption. What has been proven is that medications (Adipex as well) negatively affect the microflora in a child’s body.

When Adipex binds to the blood proteins (just like any other drug) the effect of this drug decreases. But in children, Adipex active ingredient binds to the blood proteins very slowly, hence Adipex drug effect is much higher than in adults.

It is known that Adipex is transformed in the liver, while the drug is excreted with urine mostly. Now, Adipex drug is excreted 2 or even 3 times slower out of children’s body comparing to adults. The thing is that children’s growing organism still has an undeveloped kidney tract and liver activity.

Other than that, a young body has not completely developed the protective barrier in the nervous system. In this case, the risk a child’s central nervous system would suffer from Adipex intoxication is very high.

Many side effects may occur in the body of a child due to Adipex pills therapy. Therefore, doctors advise to choose some alternative to Adipex weight loss drug for the treatment of obesity in children.

However, if nutritionist prescribed Adipex to your child but you have found this drug too pricey, try online pharmacy. You may order Adipex diet pills online much cheaper than elsewhere. And if you need a competent advice, you can always ask online pharmacist any questions about the drug in any country worldwide.


Nowadays, overweight and obese patients are aware that they need a complex treatment to solve their health problem. Normally, in order to lose extra weight, people were prescribed low-calorie diets and a complex of physical exercises. Today, nutritionists prescribe some weight loss pills (like Adipex) to accelerate this process.

Actually, diet pills can really help. The fact is that Adipex pills provide an appetite suppressant effect and patients stop feeling hunger pangs all the time. This helps them to quit their old dietary habits and stick to a new diet much easier than without the pills. As a result, overweight and obese people can lose a significant amount of body weight within a short time (about 5% and more within 3 months).

So, those patients who tested Adipex weight loss pills and had great results, have said that they would not be able to lose that amount of weight without the pills. Adipex not only can suppress the appetite, but it also enhances the energy levels, helping patients perform exercises regularly.

Well, 5% of weight loss is not that large amount, some might think. But it is enough to feel different, to have minimal health issues and to minimize obesity comorbidities. You may hardly meet a person, who suffers from overweight but has no health disorder caused by extra weight. Typically, overweight people have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, dyspnea, joint pain, etc. A significant weight loss can cure all that.

Adipex is a medication, not a dietary supplement, meaning people should teach their body to keep its weight under control during anti-obesity therapy, because they cannot use this drug forever. Later, when a person stops using Adipex pills, he or she should continue their low-calorie diet plan and keep exercising in order not to gain all those extra pounds again. The pharmaceutical company created Adipex to help people start their new healthy lifestyle.

Using Adipex diet pills within a couple of short treatment courses (making some breaks between them), overweight patients can change their dietary habits and stick to them for a long time.

If you are going to buy Adipex pills but they are expensive or unavailable in your country, you may order Adipex online. Online pharmacy offers beneficial prices and worldwide delivery; therefore, you can save money and time by ordering Adipex weight loss pills online.


Adipex drug is a potent CNS stimulant, using which you need to comply with some certain precautions. Actually, any overweight patient can comply with these precautions.

Adipex weight loss pills are meant for monotherapy of subcutaneous and visceral obesity. This drug is never prescribed to patients before secondary obesity causes are excluded (for instance, endocrine diseases).

Before using Adipex, a patient should stop using any CNS stimulants and drugs affecting the heart work and blood pressure. Adipex diet pills must never be used along with other weight loss medications.

In addition to appetite suppression, Adipex increases the blood pressure. Adipex weight loss pills should be taken with caution by patients with mild hypertension.

Most overweight patients suffer from heavy load on their cardiovascular system. Before using the CNS stimulant Adipex, it is necessary to:

• Undergo a medical examination

• Reveal concomitant pathologies

• Determine an optimal dosage of the drug

In order to minimize the risk of side effects, you should follow all the recommendations and instructions for Adipex use. In any changes of the heart function or any other side effects, you should stop taking Adipex and consult a doctor.

Obese patients with type 2 diabetes can use Adipex weight loss pills. Please note that Adipex use requires to stick to a diet, helping to control the blood sugar levels.

When using Adipex weight loss pills, the risk of pulmonary hypertension increases. Pulmonary hypertension is a dangerous disease, which symptoms are: dyspnea, edema of the extremities, short loss of consciousness and angina.

After several weeks of Adipex sympathomimetic amine, its effectiveness might be reduced. If this happens, you should never increase the dosage or number of intakes of Adipex pills per day.

Adipex weight loss pills are similar to Amphetamine by their pharmacological effect. A prolonged use or overuse of Adipex increases the risk of physical or psychological addiction.

Before you buy and use Adipex, please make sure this drug is not harmful for your health. By following some simple precaution rules, you can reduce the body mass and change your lifestyle.