Adipex and Alli are drugs, prescribed for obesity treatment in patients with BMI over 28. As Adipex, so Alli are recommended to take in combination with low-calorie diet and exercise. Adipex and Alli help to rapidly reduce body weight but the drugs belong to different pharmacological groups. Adipex and Alli are not recommended to be used together.Adipex vs Alli: various mechanism of action

Active substance of Adipex diet pills is Phentermine sympathomimetic amine. Adipex possesses anorexigenic action and affects central nervous system (CNS). Adipex has the main effect on hypothalamus, stimulating its receptors and forcing the brain to send a signal about the feeling of satiety. When taking Adipex, a patient stops feeling hunger and is able to successfully control amount of consumed food. Adipex is supplied in tablets for oral use that should be swallowed entirely.

Alli is a trademark of long-acting inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases Orlistat. In contrast to Adipex, Alli does not affect central nervous system but works in the lumen of the stomach and small intestine. Alli prevents fat splitting and its entry into the body due to this body weight reduces. Fat is excreted from the body with feces. Alli is available in tablets for oral use and in chewable tablets.Adipex vs Alli: recommendations to the use

Adipex is recommended for short-term courses of obesity treatment (3 months). Recommended daily dose of Adipex is 37.5mg. Adipex 37.5mg tablet should be taken in the morning before breakfast or during 2 hours after breakfast. If a patient experiences hypersensitivity to the drug, obesity treatment can be started with a lower dose of Adipex 18.75mg once daily. Thus, Adipex 37.5mg tablet should divided into two parts, Adipex tablet should not be crushed. There is a breakline on each Adipex tablet for easy division.

In contrast to Adipex diet pills, Alli is prescribed for long-term courses of obesity treatment (up to 2 years). Daily dose of Alli drug is 180mg (one Alli 60mg tablet three times daily). Alli 60mg pill should be taken 3 times daily before or during each meal. If a patient has forgotten to take Alli dose before meal, Alli pill should be taken no later than one hour after the meal. If a patient has consumed food only two times during the day or food did not contain fat, one Alli dose may be skipped.

Dosing regimen of chewable tablets Alli differs from the dosing regimen of usual tablets Alli. Obese patients should take one chewable tablet Alli 27mg three times daily. Systemic absorption of chewable tablets Alli 27mg is higher than in usual tablets Alli 60mg, so do not take simultaneously 2 chewable tablets Alli 27mg.

To provide the body with nutrients, a patient should take Alli together with polyvitamins. When using Alli, dietary requirements are stricter than in Adipex use. Patient’s daily diet should contain 30% of fat, i.e. 10% for each meal. In higher fat content, frequency of Alli side effects increases: diarrhea, meteorism. In lower fat content, Alli contributes to the excretion of nutrients from the body.

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