To cure obesity, it is necessary first to determine the causes of the disease and only then to use drugs for the obesity treatment. Adipex slimming tablets are intended only for patients with diagnosed obesity.

Adipex pills help to reduce weight in patients of different ages, with various degree of obesity and different adipose tissue distribution. Adipex is an anorexigenic drug equally effective for male and female patients.

Body fat distribution may depend on the patient’s sex. Women have a tendency to accumulate fat in the hips, men – in the abdomen. This is related to the fact that genes differently regulate the activity of fat cells in the body of woman and man.Adipex slimming tablets and visceral obesity

In visceral obesity, excess fat around the internal organs is formed and accumulated. As a rule, visceral obesity poses a greater threat to human health than subcutaneous obesity.

In visceral obesity, the risk of diseases such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes significantly increases. Therefore, in the first signs of visceral obesity, a person should undergo a medical examination and start the treatment of this disease.

Adipex slimming tablets are prescribed to patients with body mass index (BMI) of 30 and more. In visceral obesity, BMI can be low; however, this does not mean that the disease should not be treated. If visceral obesity is accompanied with type 2 diabetes or high plasma lipid level, Adipex can be prescribed in BMI of 27.

Visceral obesity is characterized by an increase in waist circumference. Experts have different opinions on the waist circumference measurements. It is believed that average waist circumference for men is 95-100 cm and for women – 80-85 cm.

Adipex is an anorexigenic drug during the use of which the consumption of food containing a lot of fats and simple carbohydrates should be reduced. Decrease in caloric intake, as well as blood lipid level is the best way to treat visceral obesity and to reduce waist circumference.Adipex slimming tablets and subcutaneous obesity

BMI provides an easy way to measure the degree of subcutaneous obesity. By means of BMI, a person can determine what body weight he has – low, normal or excessive. Adipex should be taken by patients with BMI of 30 and do not wait when obesity becomes severe.

Subcutaneous fat is characterized by the formation of adipose tissue in the face, legs, hands, as well as in the abdomen and chest. Subcutaneous obesity is not always accompanied with visceral obesity, but is always accompanied with an increase in body weight.

A large body weight significantly increases the load on the heart and cardiovascular system. Furthermore, the load on the joints of the lower extremities significantly increases in large body weight and this may lead to arthritis.

Adipex slimming tablets help effectively struggle against subcutaneous obesity. During the use of Adipex, appetite and the amount of consumed food are reduced in patients with subcutaneous obesity. If herewith a patient significantly increases physical activity, then the rate of fat burning will increase.

Physical exercises of average and high intensity for 30 minutes and more daily may be recommended for most patients taking Adipex slimming tablets. The exception can be elderly patients and patients with some chronic diseases.

The use of Adipex slimming tablets in any obese patients helps to accelerate metabolism and to increase the rate of weight loss. However, it is very difficult to treat obesity when metabolism is slow. Adipex use helps to accelerate digestion, synthesis and breakdown of fats in the human body.

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