Adipex drug is a potent CNS stimulant, using which you need to comply with some certain precautions. Actually, any overweight patient can comply with these precautions.

Adipex weight loss pills are meant for monotherapy of subcutaneous and visceral obesity. This drug is never prescribed to patients before secondary obesity causes are excluded (for instance, endocrine diseases).

Before using Adipex, a patient should stop using any CNS stimulants and drugs affecting the heart work and blood pressure. Adipex diet pills must never be used along with other weight loss medications.

In addition to appetite suppression, Adipex increases the blood pressure. Adipex weight loss pills should be taken with caution by patients with mild hypertension.

Most overweight patients suffer from heavy load on their cardiovascular system. Before using the CNS stimulant Adipex, it is necessary to:

• Undergo a medical examination

• Reveal concomitant pathologies

• Determine an optimal dosage of the drug

In order to minimize the risk of side effects, you should follow all the recommendations and instructions for Adipex use. In any changes of the heart function or any other side effects, you should stop taking Adipex and consult a doctor.

Obese patients with type 2 diabetes can use Adipex weight loss pills. Please note that Adipex use requires to stick to a diet, helping to control the blood sugar levels.

When using Adipex weight loss pills, the risk of pulmonary hypertension increases. Pulmonary hypertension is a dangerous disease, which symptoms are: dyspnea, edema of the extremities, short loss of consciousness and angina.

After several weeks of Adipex sympathomimetic amine, its effectiveness might be reduced. If this happens, you should never increase the dosage or number of intakes of Adipex pills per day.

Adipex weight loss pills are similar to Amphetamine by their pharmacological effect. A prolonged use or overuse of Adipex increases the risk of physical or psychological addiction.

Before you buy and use Adipex, please make sure this drug is not harmful for your health. By following some simple precaution rules, you can reduce the body mass and change your lifestyle.

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