There are different weight loss drugs, based on Phentermine, and Adipex is one of them. Unlike usual Phentermine drug, Adipex provides a long-term appetite suppressant effect due to ion-exchange complex, added to the formula.

The effect of Adipex pills lasts over 7 hours and after that time it begins to decrease so people get hungry again. Therefore, overweight patients can use just one Adipex dose a day.

It happens that some patients need to extend the effect of Adipex for longer time. In this case, the doctor may recommend dividing the same Adipex dose into halves and take them both in the first half of the day. Otherwise, if Adipex is taken later, a patient may suffer from insomnia.

It is recommended to take the first Adipex dose early in the morning before breakfast and another one –two hours after breakfast. However, there are no strict limits of time for Adipex intake, just make sure the last dose is taken at least 8 hours before your night sleep.

It should be noted that Adipex 40mg is the maximum allowable dose. This dosage is prescribed by a doctor only. The largest dose of Adipex causes side effect more often than the smaller doses. Therefore, if there are any, patient should inform his doctor about these side effects and start their treatment according the doctor’s recommendations.

It is known that some medications may interact with Adipex (Phentermine). If Adipex pills are combined with some other drugs, an overdose may arise.

Thus, regardless of type of obesity, people should read information on Adipex drug interactions to avoid severe side effects. However, Adipex side effects may occur even if a person uses the smallest dose of this drug. It means that a patient is allergic to the active ingredient Phentermine or to inactive ingredients of Adipex.

During the entire treatment course with Adipex pills, patients should visit a doctor to see any changes. If a patient is diagnosed allergy to the active or inactive ingredients of Adipex weight loss drug, he should immediately stop using it and ask a doctor to prescribe him an alternative anti-obesity medication.

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