Obese patients taking Adipex should be informed about the fact that this anorexigenic drug is intended only for a short-term use. The maximum duration of using Adipex is 12 weeks, the recommended – 5-7 weeks.

The prolonged use of Adipex psychostimulant can become the reason for mental or physical dependence. Combined use of Adipex together with other anti-obesity drugs may cause dependence and side effects.

Obesity is a chronic disease that requires a long-term treatment with the use of hypocaloric diet, lifestyle change and physical exercises. In order to lose weight, it is necessary to perform all these requirements before, during and after the use of Adipex weight loss pills.

Before Adipex use, the patient should be informed about how much, when and how to take these diet pills. If regularly and properly to take Adipex, you will be able not only to lose weight quickly, but also to keep your health.

Women of childbearing age should be informed that the CNS drug – Adipex should not be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you become pregnant during Adipex use, you must stop using the drug immediately.

Before buying and using Adipex, every obese patient should clearly know what side effects this drug could cause. In the event of adverse reactions, the patient should have the phone number of the doctor.

The risks of Adipex appetite suppressant include:

• Severe cardiovascular diseases

• Primary pulmonary hypertension

• Increase in blood pressure

• Change in libido

All patients taking Adipex should remember that this CNS stimulant affects the brain function and may reduce the rate of reactions. Use caution when operating a car or dangerous machinery while using Adipex drug.

Adipex should be stored at room temperature away from strangers and children. Sale or distribution of Adipex weight loss pills is illegal in the United States and may harm others.

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