Adipex is a drug for obesity therapy, which you can buy at pharmacies by a doctor’s prescription only. Adipex weight loss pills are prescribed to obese patients who were diagnosed obesity or overweight patients who are at risk group, namely who have:

• BMI over 30 – obesity.

• BMI 27 to 30 – overweight (in hypertension, diabetes or dyslipidemia).

Adipex drug is used for subcutaneous or abdominal obesity treatment. Daily use of Adipex slimming pills can reduce not just the body mass, but also waist circumference.

Like all the rest prescription weight loss pills, Adipex should be used along with hypocaloric diets and physical activity. Change in diet and exercises have to be perceived as a future lifestyle, but not as a restriction.

Adipex is prescribed to patients, who managed to reduce their body mass by 1-3% within the last 3-6 months by changing their lifestyle. Adipex weight loss pills do not burn fat, but only help you to stick to a low-calorie diet and to not feel hunger pains.

Before you are prescribed Adipex, a medical examination must be held to check your overall health and reveal the causes of obesity. The CNS stimulant is never prescribed to patients, whose overweight was caused by secondary organic obesity causes, namely:

• Heredity

• Surgical interference

• Depressive disorders

• Hormonal imbalance

If obesity was caused by the listed causes, then you should eliminate them first, then wait for body reaction and after that use Adipex weight loss pills.

It must be considered that Adipex psychostimulant can be used for maximum 12 weeks. During this period, you can boost your metabolism and reduce the body mass by 5-15%. Later, you should control your appetite and your daily diet.

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